About Us

Most girls favorite toys are dolls. I know that when I was a little girl, I never went anywhere without my favorite one in my arms. We baby them, take care of them and treat them like they are part of the family.

I was so passionate about my “dolly” that I literally never left the house without her and talked to her like she was my very own baby sister. I loved her more than anything and would do anything for her.

I took her for walks in her stroller, rocked her in the crib and fed her when she was hungry, but what I really wanted was for her to have her very own home so I could play house. I never did get that house for “dolly”, but when I got a bit older my friends and I moved on to Barbie dolls. I asked my mother for a Barbie house and Santa brought me one for my 7th birthday. To this day, getting that Barbie dollhouse was the most memorable gift I have ever received (and I’m in my 30’s :)).

This is what started my passion for dollhouses.

Through my later years and into my twenties¬†I was obsessed with doll houses. I’ve owned many different models and saved my hard-earned money for the latest greatest and passed ones I was tired of to my friends and family.

About We Love Dollhouses

Now that I have a daughter, my passion for dollhouses has returned. Thankfully she loves dolls as much as I used to and we are both having so much fun playing together.

Before I bought my daughter her first dollhouse, I researched and looked at many different models trying to find the best dollhouse for my girl. I wanted to find a quality house that would last and have the most options for play and creativity. During my research I got to know what was available today and helped my friends decide on doll’s houses for their daughters and loved ones. This is why I decided to¬†create We Love Dollhouses.

My reviews are honest and bias-free. I hope that they help you in your decision. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks for visiting our site and happy house-hunting!