Melissa & Doug Classic Heirloom Victorian Wooden Dollhouse Review


Melissa & Doug’s Classic Heirloom Victorian dollhouse is made with a 1:12 scale from sturdy wood. Designed to last a lifetime, the house brings users back in time to when Victorian homes were pristine.

Melissa & Doug Classic Heirloom Victorian Wooden Dollhouse

And the details alone show how much time and attention went into designing this dollhouse.

It’s a timeless dollhouse.

Classic Heirloom Victorian Doll house Review

Details make this dollhouse shine. When you view the exterior, you’ll find that all of the shingles have been hand-painted. There are scroll-cut accents, elegant staircases and window frames that are as ornate than any other dollhouse I’ve ever seen.

The exterior has latticework, illustrated brackets, period gables and friezes.

Entering a True Victorian Home

The back of the dollhouse is fully open, allowing kids to imagine themselves as one of the dolls that occupy the home. The home features:

  • Six rooms
  • Two wooden staircases
  • Patterned interior
  • Windows in every room
  • Stunning bathroom
  • Period furniture

Interior graphics are featured in every room. The interior has also been painted, and the floors have been finished to make the home feel truly unique.

Each room comes to life thanks to the unique graphics and craftsmanship.

And the scale of the dollhouse is 1:12; a popular choice among the world’s best dollhouses. The scale provides spacious rooms that allow for a variety of accessory sets to fit perfectly. Melissa & Doug offers their own lineup of accessories that you can buy separately, too.

Keep in mind that this dollhouse is designed for kids six and up, but a mature child will be able to play with this home, too.

You’ll want to make sure that any furniture that goes into your dollhouse has a 1:12 scale for the best fit.

Collecting furniture to add to the home is a lot of fun. Parents can work together with their children to find period pieces that fit perfectly into this exquisite Victorian home. It’s a beautiful dollhouse that children of all ages will appreciate.

The floor depth is big, so you may have a hard time playing with items on the far walls. Keep this in mind when arranging all of your interior furniture pieces and décor.

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Assembling Made Simple

Assembly is a breeze. You’ll find step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the entire assembly process. But what makes these instructions better than the competition is that they actually depict how to assemble your entire dollhouse.

There is no guesswork included.

I do want to state that the assembly, while easy, will take a few hours to complete. You’ll need to go through the assembly process carefully so that the pressed wood is not damaged in the process.

If you have two people assembling this unit, set aside two hours to complete the house.

There are screw covers included that will cover the screws that secure the home together. A minor complaint is that these covers do not stay on properly, so keep this in mind when you apply them.

You’ll only need a Phillips head screwdriver to assemble the entire unit.

And when fully assembled, you’ll come to appreciate how sturdy and durable this wooden dollhouse is – it’s a dollhouse that will last for years.


  • Wooden design adds to the durability and sturdiness of the dollhouse
  • Intricate details are seen in every room and on the exterior
  • Assembly is simple despite taking some time to complete


  • No furniture is included with the home

You’ll notice that all of the promotional material features beautiful, period furniture that would be seen in a lot of Victorian homes. The problem with this is that the company does not include the furniture in your purchase.

If you want the exact furniture shown (it looks great), you’ll need to purchase it form Melissa & Doug.

While the ability to purchase the set you truly want is a nice touch, you still need to shell out some additional money to make the home complete.

Aside from this minor complaint, Melissa & Doug has created a beautiful, wooden dollhouse that embodies the beauty of the Victorian style. The attention to detail in every room of the home is simply stunning.

This is a dollhouse that deserves to be used often – not sit in the corner collecting dust. Click here to see another nice wooden dollhouse we recommend from Hape.

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