KidKraft So Chic Dollhouse Review – Modern, Spacious & Fun!


So Chic is the perfect name for this colossal, modern dollhouse. With three levels and ten rooms, kids will spend hours playing with this house. Able to accommodate Barbie-size dolls (or other dolls up to 12″ high), there’s no need to invest in expensive custom dolls or accessories for kids to play with the KidKraft So Chic Dollhouse.

Kidkraft So Chic dollhouse
So Chic Dollhouse Features at a Glance

  • Three levels and ten rooms
  • 45 Pieces of furniture included
  • Can accommodate dolls up to 12” tall
  • Kids can play from all sides of the house
  • Rolls and spins on caster wheels for easy play
  • Dimensions: 46.25”H x 34.25”L x 27.25”W
  • Weight: 68.6lbs.

The So Chic home offers everything a child could want in a dollhouse: multiple rooms and levels, plenty of fun furniture and plenty of space to sprawl out. This is not your ordinary dollhouse. At 46.25” tall and 34.25” long, this house is gigantic – and probably taller than your child. Unlike other dollhouses, this model features open sides, so kids can play from all angles.

Let’s explore some of this home’s features:

Three Levels and Ten Rooms

The So Chic dollhouse may only have three levels, but it has ten rooms. It’s double-sided, so there are five rooms on one side and five on the other.

On the bottom floor, you have the kitchen and laundry room on one side, and the living room and dining room on the other. The second floor features a bedroom on one side and an art studio on the other. On the top floor, you have an office and kid’s bedroom on one side, and a bathroom and nursery on the other.

Alternating staircases connect each floor, so dolls can easily move from one room to the next.

Each floor is 14” from floor to ceiling, so kids have plenty of space to play without feeling cramped.

45 Pieces of Furniture

The So Chic KidKraft 65078 dollhouse comes with an abundance of furniture – 45 to be exact. Among the many pieces you will receive are:

  • Adult bedroom: A bed with linens, table and lamp
  • Nursery: Crib with linens, lamp, highchair and shaggy rug
  • Bathroom: Shower complete with shower curtain, bathtub, vanity with a sink, and a toilet
  • Living room: Couch complete with cushion and pillow, table, throw rug, fireplace, lamp and television
  • Dining room: Table and two chairs
  • Kitchen: Refrigerator, sink/oven combo, table and two stools
  • Laundry room: Washer, dryer, ironing board with iron and vacuum
  • Art studio: Couch, floor cushion, storage chest, easel, lamp, ceiling fan
  • Child’s room: Bunk beds, shaggy rug, ladder for the beds
  • Office: Computer desk with computer monitor, chair and wall clock

This dollhouse comes with everything your child needs to let his or her imagination run wild.

Fun Colors and Details

So Chic doll's house

The So Chic Dollhouse was designed for fashion-forward kids who have a flair for design. The colors used in each room are bright, bold and fun.

The kitchen features a plum purple and silver color scheme for a chic, sleek look. In the laundry room, you’ll find black and white checkered walls that complement the black and white washer, dryer and vacuum. Did I mention the doors on the washer and dryer open, too? Over in the living room, you’ll find yellow patterned walls with matching furniture. Blue is the accent color here. Next door in the dining room, the walls are striped in pink, brown and white colors.

The chairs feature pink satin covers for added glam and practical protection.

Upstairs in the adult’s bedroom, bright hues of purple and geometric shapes adorn the wall. The purple wooden bed features gold accents that complement the gold table lamp. The side table also features varying purple hues. Across the way in the art studio, the walls feature bright green stripes with artwork proudly displayed. All furniture pieces feature lime green and natural wood colors.

On the final floor, the office features a powder blue color with pops of dark blue and white. The child’s room features a bright pink wall with a floral pattern. The shaggy rug, ladder, bed and linens boast pink accents as well.

Over in the nursery, you’ll find a light gray and mint color scheme. The crib, lamp and highchair all feature a carved heart design. The bathroom features a simple wood and white color scheme.

The roof and stairs are both pink.

Easy Access

Because this dollhouse is two-sided and large in size, multiple kids can play at one time. As an added bonus, the house sits on caster wheels that allow your child to turn the house or move around the room with ease.

The wheels work well on carpet, too, so you can easily move the house to vacuum underneath or transport to another room in your home. This is a sturdy dollhouse, so it shouldn’t wobble when moving it.

Assembling the House

The So Chic Dollhouse is huge, so expect to spend quite a bit of time on assembly. You’ll need about three to four hours to fully assemble the house. Kidkraft includes a step-by-step instruction manual, so take your time and go through each step.

I also wanted to note that the furniture is made of wood, so if you prefer a different color, you can always repaint the furniture if you wish.

The KidKraft So Chic Dollhouse with furniture is a dream dollhouse for any child. Standing at just over three feet tall, this is a dollhouse that will grow with your child and offers endless hours of fun. With multiple levels, dozens of furniture pieces and plenty of rooms, the So Chic is everything your child could ever want in a dollhouse. Just like all of the other KidKraft dollhouses, this one is made to last. Click here to see the full list of KidKraft Dollhouses we recommend.

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