Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home Review

Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Review

Most of the dollhouses we review are designed for older children, but Fisher-Price’s Little People Surprise & Sounds home is made for an often-forgotten group of kids: toddlers. Durable, fun to play with and perfectly sized, this may just be the perfect dollhouse for your toddler.

And on top of strengthening your child’s imagination, this dollhouse also educates by teaching kids songs, sounds and phrases. Let’s take a closer look at this dollhouse to see what it has to offer:

Fisher-Price Surprise & Sounds Home Features

  • Plays 50+ songs, sounds and phrases
  • Doors open and close; lights illuminate
  • Closes for easy storage
  • Includes furniture, dolls and accessories

Our Surprise & Sounds Review

girl playing with a fisher price dollhouse

As a parent, you’ll find a lot to love about this dollhouse. Like the Loving Family Dreamhouse, this one is durable for starters, which is a definite perk when kids are at an age when no toy is safe from destruction. But on top of this, the house keeps kids engaged with lights, sounds, music and more. It educates them, too, by helping them learn about different parts of the home.

50+ Phrases, Songs and Sounds

Part of what makes this dollhouse so unique – and so fun to play with – is that it comes alive with music and sounds.

  • The toilet makes flushing sounds or tells kids to wash their hands when the lid is lifted.
  • The refrigerator tells kids that apples are red or makes the same sound your own fridge makes when you open the door.
  • The alarm clock triggers the sound of a rooster and throws the doll out of bed.
  • The radio plays songs to get kids moving.

These are just a few of the dollhouse’s sound elements. The phrases and sounds not only keep kids interested in playing, but they teach them important things, like washing their hands after using the bathroom or closing the front door.

Lights, Camera, Action

Along with the fun sounds and phrases, the home also lights up to really bring this dollhouse to life.

The refrigerator and oven both light up when the doors are opened – just like the real appliances in your kitchen.

Furniture and Dolls Included

Fischer-Price includes three family dolls (mom, dad and daughter), a kitchen table and three chairs with this Little People home.

There are other furniture pieces included, but they are attached to the home and cannot be moved. Some parents complain that these pieces can’t be moved around, but it’s important to remember that this is a dollhouse made for toddlers.

With the pieces firmly in place, kids have more fun playing, and worry less about beds and couches falling all over the place.

Five Rooms, 2 Floors

The Surprise & Sounds home features four rooms and two floors. The kitchen and living room are on the bottom floor, while the two bedrooms and a bathroom are on the top floor.

The kitchen is on the bottom left side of the home, and this is where a lot of the light and sound action takes place. The kitchen and oven (both with purple doors) play sounds and light up when you open the doors. There’s also a blue radio on the counter that plays music.

The living room features a green couch, television and a front door that opens and closes.

On to the top floor, you’ll find mom and dad’s room, the kid’s room and a bathroom. Mom and dad’s room is the biggest, featuring a big bed and two large dressers on each side. Moveable panels in front of the window tell kids what the weather is like outside: snowy or sunny.

On the opposite side of the top floor is the kid’s room, which features a bunk bed and an alarm clock. The alarm clock tosses the figurine out of bed and plays sounds to wake her up.

The bathroom features a toilet and shower. The toilet also plays sounds when you lift and close the lid.

Fold Up Design

The great thing about this dollhouse is that it folds up for easy storage in between play sessions. There’s no need to worry about parts or pieces laying around, which can be a hazard.

The built-in handle also makes it easy for children to bring their dollhouse to grandma’s or a friend’s house. The house closes securely, so there’s no need to worry about it opening up and everything falling out while you’re out and about.

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  • Great for children as young as 1 years of age
  • Lights and sounds keep kids interested
  • Phrases are educational
  • Dolls are included
  • Highly durable
  • Folds up for easy transportability
  • Easy assembly


  • Not enough places to interact

The only complaint other users have had is that there aren’t enough places to “interact” in the home. In other words, they wanted more things in the home to make noise and light up. It is true that all of the interactive parts are on the left side of the home – the right gets neglected. But given the price, we’d have to say that the sights, sounds and lights are more than sufficient.

The Little People Surprise & Sounds dollhouse makes a great first dollhouse and can be used by children as young as one years old. The lights and sounds keep kids engaged, while the phrases teach them important things about the home. Durable, easy to assemble and fun to play with, kids will get years of use out of this dollhouse.

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