Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse Review – So Cute!


Fun and affordable, Fisher-Price Loving Family Dollhouse contains four massive floors and six rooms to allow your child’s imagination to soar. You’ll even be able to flip out the swing set when company comes over to play. This dollhouse is a step above Fisher Price’s My First Dollhouse which is geared towards toddlers.

And the unit requires 2 AA batteries for an exceptional feature I don’t want to mention just yet.

Loving Family DollhouseLoving Family Dollhouse Features

  • 4 floors
  • 6 bedrooms
  • Built-in sounds
  • Foldable design
  • 2 swings included
  • Several accessories included

Fisher-Price Loving Family Dollhouse Review

Reviewing the Loving Family Dollhouse was a pure pleasure, and the kids loved it, too. This model comes with a few accessories, but not nearly enough to decorate your whole home with. The following items are included:

  • Sofa
  • Baby seat
  • Swing set
  • Mom, dad and baby doll

So, you’ll need more accessories to fill up the house’s massive 6-room design. But this is a good thing. You want to have the freedom to choose the furniture and accessories to make the home truly yours.

Fisher-Price sells a lot of accessories that work perfectly for this model.

When it comes to assembly, some parts snap together, while others will screw together. Much easier to put together than other models, you’ll spend 45 minutes or so assembling the home.


Examining the Spacious Layout

With a stunning exterior, this home features an exaggerated roof to provide the regal feel of the home while featuring a pink paint on the roof itself. A very light pink color is used on the remainder of the home’s exterior, with light purple accents around the roof and ledges.

There is a grand entryway with shrubs that allow the dolls to enter their home.

And, there is a beautiful balcony on the second floor of the home with a portion that allows any doll to stand and look out at the world around them.

Entering the home through the green front door, you’ll notice the flooring is wood-colored and the walls are very detailed. Unlike many dollhouses, you’ll notice the wall trim is intricate with this model, and it really mimics the inside of a home compared to other dollhouses that have a flat wall that is unrealistic.

The large living room is ideal for entertaining, and a blue couch comes with the set.

Off to the side of the living room is another smaller room that can be used as either a bedroom or a bathroom (depending on your décor choice). While there are four floors, there are no stairs included, but you can easily place a stair accessory to get from the ground floor to the second floor of the home.

The second floor contains two rooms that aren’t divided.

Feel free to add a kitchen space on the second floor and a bedroom if you wish. Girls will love the second floor because you can walk off onto a beautiful purple balcony with stunning views. The third floor has two big windows and is the ideal choice for bedrooms.

The final floor has room for two bedrooms and an arched opening for your doll to look out from.

If your child is creative, he or she can sew rugs and smaller items to fit in the house. This is great for anyone with a kid’s sewing machine that wants another unique way to make décor for their home.

Sound Design

One thing my child simply loved about the Loving Family Dollhouse was that the doorbell actually works. This is where the 2 AA batteries are needed. When you press the doorbell, it will sound just like a real doorbell was pressed – it’s great.

Overlooked Features

One thing I have noticed over the years is that most dollhouses are, well, boring. You know:  they don’t provide a real-life feel. Most don’t even have a way for your family pet to get in the home.

Well, this dollhouse has it all.

When walking into the house, you’ll notice the perfect doggy door to the left side of the room. This red door allows your family pet to enter the house and leave when necessary.

There is also a double swing that is perfect for families with kids. And, with a six room home, you have more than enough space for two or more baby rooms if you please.


  • Large enough for several kids to play at one time
  • Features a folding design for easy and compact storage.
  • Extremely well priced for such a large model.
  • Comes with sound features for a realistic feel.
  • Open floor plan allows children to create their own true space.


  • The lack of accessories means you have to buy the furniture yourself.
  • Can’t fit Barbie dolls unless they’re in the sitting position.

There are two concerns when buying this dollhouse: you’ll need accessories, and Barbie dolls won’t fit inside of the home. If you have other dollhouses, chances are you already have furniture you can add to the home to make it yours.

But, if this is your first dollhouse, you’ll need to buy accessories – and they can be pricey. So, make sure you budget for accessories when making your purchase.

Another thing to note is that the included family members are rather small. When trying to fit a Barbie inside of the house, you’ll find that she doesn’t fit. Instead, you’ll need smaller dolls if you want to extend the family that is included with the home.

Overall, I am pleased with my review of the Loving Family Dollhouse. Large and spacious, kids have the ability to decorate their house the way they want, and the detailing is extremely realistic. For a starter dollhouse or one that is lower in price but still great quality, this is the right choice.

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