Barbie Beach House Review: The Best Summer Beach House


The Barbie 2-story Beach House comes with plenty of space to play and a mountain of accessories to keep kids busy for hours. Standing at over two feet tall, this dollhouse has four big play areas and two levels for Barbies to enjoy the summer break.

With fun, unique features, this is a dollhouse that kids of all ages will love.

barbie doll beach house

Barbie 2 Story Beach House Features

  • 2 stories; 4 play areas
  • Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and spiral staircase
  • Includes multiple accessories and furniture pieces (20+ pieces)
  • Recommended for ages 3-12 years
  • Dimensions: 20” x 5” x 12.75”

Our Barbie Beach House Review

One of the first things you’ll notice about the 2-story Beach House is that it’s quite a bit bigger than other Barbie dollhouses – over two feet tall to be exact. And with two floors, dolls have plenty of space to roam and enjoy the summer fun. The other Barbie dollhouse that compares in size is the two story Malibu Dreamhouse, which we previously reviewed here.

Two Floors and Four Play Areas

Barbie two story beach house

We were a bit skeptical of this house at first because it doesn’t have as many play areas, or rooms, as other dollhouses. But after seeing it put together, that disappointment went straight out the window.

The four rooms are large, which means kids have more room to play in each one. And there are so many fun accessories that help bring these spaces to life.

The careful details in the wall stickers also makes the house a joy for kids to play with.

The bottom floor features a spacious living room and fully equipped kitchen. A comfortable sofa and TV stand (with flat screen TV) are included, so Barbie can watch her favorite movies. Kids can actually “change the channel” on the TV to suit their mood.

The wall sticker in the living room features pink wallpaper surrounding a big picture window with a view of the beach. Just below the window is a window seat where Barbie can enjoy the view outside.

In the kitchen is a bright orange stove with a door that opens and closes. Food accessories, like the baking sheet of cookies, help make the kitchen more fun to play with.

A pink swinging door is attached to the kitchen, so Barbie can venture outside and get some sun.

A pink spiral staircase leads upstairs to a bedroom and bathroom. A bed is included (with linens) that flips down, so dolls can have sleepovers. A toilet and sink are featured in the bathroom, so dolls can get ready for the day.

Like the living room, the bedroom’s wall sticker features bright, fun wallpaper and a big window with a view of the ocean.

No detail was left out with this dollhouse – even the back of the home features a play space. A sticker window on each of the two floors give you an inside view of the living room and bedroom. And a large opening in the kitchen creates space for a bar where dolls can enjoy lunch. A pair of pink chairs are included.

20+ Play Pieces

beach house barbie

Barbie’s new beach house has plenty of space to play, which means kids need plenty of accessories to use their imaginations and bring their play stories to life.

Included with the 2-story house is 20+ accessories, including: a couch, TV stand with TV, flip-down bed (with linens), food accessories, a pair of bar stools, toilet, sink, toiletries and so much more.

Unfortunately, no dolls are included, but there are more than enough accessories to allow for hours of playtime.

Fun Colors

Like other Barbie dollhouses, the 2-Story Beach House has a prominent pink and purple color scheme. The floors, walls and most pieces of furniture are a fun, bright pink color. Pops of white, purple and turquoise blue can be found all throughout the home to really make this a glamorous beach house.


  • Easy to assemble (15-20 minutes on average)
  • Plenty of space to play
  • Bright, fun colors
  • Sink flips to turn into an outdoor breakfast bar
  • Lots of accessories included
  • Bed folds down to make room for doll friends
  • Durable, solid construction


  • Not as many rooms as other dollhouses

The only issue we had with this beach house – and it’s a minor one – is that it doesn’t come with as many rooms as other similar dollhouses. While a little disappointing, having larger rooms is a nice trade-off.

There’s no better way to play with Barbie at the beach than with this 2-story home. The only thing missing is Barbie’s swimming pool. This dollhouse is durable and sturdy, so it will give you years of use. And it comes with plenty of accessories, so your kids will enjoy hours of play time. It’s also large in size (over two feet tall), so kids can easily play with friends. The bright colors and fun accessories make this an excellent gift for any occasion, and fans of Barbie will absolutely fall in love with this beach house.

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