Hape Family Pets and Other Must-Have Hape Dollhouse Accessories


Whether you’ve purchased the Hape All Seasons or the Happy Family dollhouse, you’re going to need accessories to really bring the dollhouse to life. Most Hape homes come with limited furniture pieces, but the company offers some cute, high-quality accessories that allow kids to really customize their new play homes.

Here are a few that are available that we really love and know your child will be thrilled with.

1.     Hape Family Pets

Hape Happy Family Pets

No home is complete without at least a few furry companions. The Hape Family Pets set comes with three animals: a dog, a cat and a bunny.

Accessories are included, too, to ensure that your pets get the care they need. There’s a dog house for the pup, a cozy bed for the cat and a sanctuary for the bunny. Bowls and food are also included, so pets can stay strong and healthy.

Aside from pet ears and tails (which are made from a soft felt-like material), all components are crafted with high quality wood and feature a non-toxic finish.

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2.     Happy Family Car

happy family car

Dolls go to work, run errands and enjoy going out for fun just like humans do. To get to their destination, they need the Hape Happy Family Car.

Sporting a red exterior and wooden accents, this car can fit the whole family in its front and back seats. All the doors open wide for easy access and close tightly to keep dolls securely inside.

The car also features a steering wheel, working wheels, a set of headlights and even a license plate.

Like all of the other accessories in this list, this car is constructed with high quality wood and features a non-toxic finish.

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3.     Happy Family Patio Set

patio setWhen the weather heats up, dolls can enjoy the Happy Family Patio Set to create a backyard oasis.

The patio set includes several accessories including:

  • A patio table with umbrella
  • Two potted plants
  • A watering can
  • Two yellow chairs
  • A grill with two shish kebabs

Made form maple and Baltic birch from FSC-managed forests, these toys are of exceptional quality and include Hape’s non-toxic finishes.

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4.     Happy Family Playground Set

happy family playground

The Happy Family Playground Set encourages doll kids to get out of the house and outdoors to enjoy the bright sunshine.

The set includes everything dolls need to have fun outdoors, including a teeter totter, swing set, playscape and slide.

The playground is divided into four sections, which are puzzle pieces that fit nicely together. Not only do the accessories encourage role-playing and storytelling, but the puzzle pieces require kids to use their minds each time they put together or take apart the playground.

Like all other Hape accessories, the components feature non-toxic finishes and are made with responsibly-sourced wood.

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5.     Dining Room Set

dining setDolls need a place to sit and enjoy their meals. That’s exactly what the Hape Dining Room Set provides. A total of 23 accessories are included with this set to further encourage imaginative storytelling and roleplaying:

  • Table
  • 4 chairs
  • 4 silverware sets (1 fork and 1 knife in each set)
  • 4 cups
  • 4 plates
  • 1 pitcher
  • 1 cabinet

The cabinet features little slots to hold the dishes and a shelf to store the cups. The cupboard doors also open to allow for more storage.

All of the components in this bundle are made of solid wood, and all paint finishes are non-toxic for added safety.

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All of Hape’s accessories are made from the highest-quality wooden materials and are designed to complement just about any dollhouse – Hape’s own, or other well-known homes.