Barbie Glam Vacation House Review – Super Cute!


Every little girl will fall in love with Barbie at some point. The iconic doll has been a staple in the lives of little girls for decades, and this trend isn’t stopping any time soon. Girls from all over the world want a Barbie dollhouse, and what better house than the affordable, easy-to-build Barbie Glam Vacation House?

After all, Barbie needs a vacation every once in a while, too.

What does this dollhouse have to offer?

Barbie Glam Vacation House Features

  • Barbie Glam Vacation HouseOne story or two story designs
  • Kitchen and living room
  • Rooftop balcony
  • Modular play spaces that allow rooms to convert
  • Furniture and accessories
  • 4 pound weight
  • Recommended age of 3 – 8 years

This is a one-of-a-kind dollhouse that truly gets your kid’s imagination running wild with possibilities.

Review of the Barbie Vacation House

Vacation houses are exotic and fun. These are houses where girls can let go of their everyday worries and have fun in a new environment surrounded by rooftop balconies and friends. It’s the perfect place to be, and a dollhouse is the next best thing to an actual real vacation home – for kids, of course.

Modular Design

Modular designWhile confusing at first glance, modular designs allow you to easily transform your space. After all, a smaller dollhouse can become bland and boring if you’re stuck with the same exact rooms time and time again.

Modular play spaces change this mundane aspect of dollhouses.

Instead, you can change your house’s setup in the snap of a finger. This is done in the spacious living room. When Barbie has had enough and wants to go to bed, she can convert the living room into a second story bedroom.

It’s the perfect way to optimize space, and it’s so easy to transform – perfect for young users.

Rooftop Deck

Laying out in the sun on a deck is the perfect way to spend a day. Thankfully, this dollhouse comes equipped with the perfect little rooftop deck for watching the sunset or lounging out and catching some sun.

Right across from the living room is the kitchen.

Barbie can make her way to the rooftop deck directly from the kitchen and find her own little oasis.

The kitchen itself is equipped with chairs, a window to see outside and a cute blue oven that has a vintage look to it. There is even a potted plant that sits right on top of the cabinet. This is where all of your friends will be able to grab a refreshment before heading to the beautiful rooftop.

One neat thing about this house is that the refrigerator can be opened. This provides the real feel that a lot of girls want from their dollhouse. There are chair and table furniture pieces that are included in the box and will allow you to customize your house slightly.

You can also choose to use other furniture pieces from previous dollhouses, or you can use furniture packs to add a little more pizazz to the space.

Living Room

The first floor does feature a full living room. This living room has a couch and a beautiful window that allows you to gaze out at the stars or watch the sunrise. There are comfortable pillows and a lamp in the room that allow you to entertain friends.

There is also a flat-screen television to watch all of your favorite shows.

This is the same room that converts into the modular, second story bedroom. Don’t worry, the couch will convert to a beautiful comfortable bed, and there will be equally comfortable pillows to lay your head on before going to sleep.

It’s the perfect place relax and unwind.

Easy to Put Together

Not a feature per-say, but definitely a benefit for any parent that has ever had to build a dollhouse before. This model shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to assemble – it’s that easy to do.

There are about 10 pieces (maybe more) that need to be put together, and the instructions aren’t too helpful in this area.

I recommend looking at the box itself to see what your Barbie dollhouse should look like and start building from that point. There is also no worry about any pieces coming off or breaking like other models.

This means more time having fun and less time with mom or dad fixing the dollhouse.

Note: This is a 100% plastic design, which is far more durable than its cardboard counterparts. If you prefer a wooden dollhouse you may want to consider other dollhouses like the So Chic or Majestic Mansion.

Barbie Glam Vacation House Doll Size and Capacity

Barbie on vacationAs the name suggests, you will be able to fit your traditional Barbie doll within this house. What the manufacturer doesn’t tell you is that this quaint home can fit 2 or 3+ dolls without an issue; your friends and you can have hours of endless fun playing together.

If you prefer other dolls, such as Bratz, these also can fit in this dollhouse with ease.

This is a magical vacation house, and one that is truly meant for Barbie herself. Smaller in size and extremely affordable, this is the perfect gift option for kids and is durable enough that younger users won’t easily break the house during play.

The modular design of the Barbie Glam Vacation House makes the most out of a small space while still providing the “home” feel to the child.

Perfect for anyone age 3 – 8, this model has been used by girls up to 10 years old that had hours of fun playing in their vacation home. This is the ideal starter doll’s house for smaller rooms.

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