Calego Modern Doll House Review: Bringing Magic to Life

Calego Modern Dollhouse

Small and fun, the Calego Modern Doll House is simply unbeatable. This model spans 15.4” x 1.9” x 31.3”, and weighs just 11 pound. Because of its generous size, this model is the ideal choice for kids aged three to eight. What really makes this dollhouse standout is not only the beauty of the 3 ½ foot tall house when it is assembled, it’s also the price. This is the perfect dollhouse for anyone on a budget.

Did we mention that this is a dollhouse for 12” dolls?

If you’re looking for a Barbie dollhouse, this is the ideal choice that includes all of the extras that really brings the house to life for your child.

Calego’s Modern Doll House Features

  • 4” x 1.5” x 31.3” dimensions
  • 11-pound weight
  • Five different bedrooms
  • Three-story design
  • No tool assembly
  • 5-foot height
  • Perfect 12” doll’s house

This home features a pop-up design, so it’s ideal for younger users. What makes this design very special is that it’s made of a cloth-like material with added support from thin wood. Essentially, this reduces the risk of injury due to the soft edges and design.

If you’re a parent, you know just how easily kids can get hurt by falling on a dollhouse or other item.

Safe and secure, this dollhouse has just about everything from bright vibrant colors, to several floors that allow your kids imagination to run wild. Let’s take a closer look at this house in our detailed Calego’s Modern Doll House review.

3 Floor Design

calego dollhouse and a girl

There are a total of three floors in this home. When you first enter the home, you’ll find that the bottom floor has a beautiful kitchen with a checkered floor, pink cabinetry, microwave and a beautiful stove.

Kids also love the backsplash, which features intricate designs and all the furniture already in place.

The first floor also features a bathroom. Going into the second floor, you’ll notice a beautiful couch with a fireplace and LCD TV. Long drapes complement the exaggerated window, and there’s even artwork on the wall for your kids to enjoy. Another room is on the second story of the home that offers space for your kid’s computer. A chair, desk and beautiful computer are already there to allow your kids to study or talk to their friends online.

The third and final floor is the main bedroom. This beautiful space is open with a large skylight that allows an abundance of sunlight to enter the room.

The design of this house is spectacular because you don’t need to go out and buy new furniture for your kids – if you don’t want to. For younger it users, you’ll notice that furniture or other items get thrown around the house, stepped on or even pose a risk of choking. But everything you could think of is already in the house on the backsplash so that you don’t have to spend more money buying excess furniture.

Beautiful Use of Color

Normally I wouldn’t mention color during the review of a dollhouse. Why? Because most homes are rather bland and boring, but that is not the case with the Calego Modern Dollhouse.

Instead, a beautiful use of colors sparks your child’s imagination and really provides a great look for this dollhouse.

The kitchen itself uses a pink, black and white checkered design and stainless steel appliances to freely provide a beautiful, bright room. The bathroom features a pink top and a pink vanity with day blue checkered design for tiling. There’s even an adorable heart-shaped on the floor tile for your child to enjoy.

The second story living room is very elegant, with purples, grays, pinks, blacks and a beautiful hardwood floor design.

Everything seems to meld perfectly together color-wise, and what little girl doesn’t love pinks and purples?

Accommodates 12” Dolls

Not many doll houses will accommodate 12″ dolls, but this one does. This means that you can use Barbie dolls or other larger dolls inside of this house without an issue. You can even buy little figurines of dogs or babies or any other items you want. Virtually every item designed for dollhouses can fit under this dollhouse’s roof.

Tool-Free Assembly

You won’t need any tools to put this dollhouse together, and instructions are actually well designed. In total, it should take about five minutes to open up this dollhouse and have it ready for use.


  • Extremely durable and safe
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Large enough for two users
  • Beautifully laid out floorplan
  • Can accommodate 12 inch dolls


  • No furniture is included

I want to stress the fact that this is more of a starter dollhouse. What do I mean by this? This isn’t an oak dollhouse that will last for decades and be able to be passed on to your grandchildren. While this dollhouse will last for years, it’s less expensive than 95% of the dollhouses on the market.

My one issue, which I did expect at this price, is that no furniture is included – so you’ll have to buy your own.

Interestingly, many users, including myself, spent more on the furniture than the actual dollhouse. With that said, this dollhouse is so affordable and features a very large space that can even accommodate Barbie dolls that are 12 inches tall.

Whether you’re buying this for your niece, friend’s child or your own child, the Calego’s Modern Dollhouse is sure to be loved. It’s beautifully designed, has a lot of space, and is so affordable, you won’t be upset when your child outgrows it.

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