Fisher-Price Loving Family Dollhouse Review

Fisher Price Loving Family Dream Dollhouse

The Fisher-Price Loving Family is a great dollhouse for any young children in your family. It comes with a cute family of four – Dad, mum, a toddler and a baby. This toddler house has a total of nine big rooms and four floors. In addition, it has a separate room for children’s activities that is set up like a hidden playroom. The Loving Family Dream house is set up just like a model of a real family home complete with a sparkling chandelier, cute bathroom sconce and winding staircase. Visually, this house is beautiful with a nice combination of colors.

In addition, it plays several fun songs that sound like real live music streaming throughout the house. If you want to expand upon your dream home, there are several other cute accessories that are sold separately. The house is inexpensive and a real value for your money and your kids will definitely be obsessed with it.

Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse Features

Like a real house, the Loving Family dollhouse is well furnished as it comes with its own set of furniture and fittings for each room for the family of four to enjoy. As a nice added touch the light in the dollhouse sparkle and twinkle. My daughter was thrilled with this feature.

Apart from twinkling lights and colorful appearance, another thing that attracts toddlers is songs, especially when they have the liberty to sing along. This has cute feature has been integrated into the dollhouse and is a real hit with the toddler age group. There are several pre-recorded catchy songs that can be played throughout the house and your children (and you) will probably find themselves singing along.

The Fisher-Price Loving Family Dream Dollhouse has nine big and spacious rooms that are complete with furniture in each room. The rooms are spread out over three wings and three floors. The entryway has a door bell and the grand staircase is cute too. It is sure to hold them spellbound for hours. There is also a family member that we have not mentioned so far – a mischievous bunny! When the bunny suddenly vanishes, don’t get worried. Just check under the sofa. 🙂

Loving Family dollhouse accessories

To make it look and feel like a real house, it offers several familiar day to day sounds that you hear in real houses. Apart from the doorbell sound that announces the arrival of visitors, you can hear kids giggling, you will also hear the teapot whistling and the baby cooing. The best part is that when you turn on the faucet, you will hear the sound of water running. They are all nice touches that make this house a lot of fun.

Inside, you will also find that it has its own fireplace, a desk for school work, a chair, bed sets accompanied with pillows and blankets. You can also add tiny toys for the kids, but you have to buy the toys separately.

For ease of packing, the house can be folded with all the accessories safely kept inside. It is light and portable. Easy for any child to take out a put away. To power the lights and the songs, you will need to buy three alkaline batteries which are not included with the house. It does come with a screwdriver that can be used when assembling the house. Assembly does take some time so it should be handled by an adult.

You should also note that this product is not suitable for kids under three years of age because it has several small pieces that can easily be swallowed by babies.

The Fisher-Price Loving Family Dream Dollhouse is not only fun for your child alone, it also encourages playtime with many kids (or parents) at once. There is plenty of room for two to three children to play together and explore different fun family stories and creative playing.


All the qualities and features mentioned above are all well-made and of the quality you would expect from Fisher-Price, but in addition to that, it keeps kids engrossed for hours. It helps them develop their creative thinking while having fun. Your kids will really love playing with this doll house.

Also, the pricing is right. It offers so many features for its price point and there is a good balance between great features and its relatively low price. Its cute, with a vibrant combination of colors that is very attractive to kids. It gives room for unending possibilities and this means that your kids will continue to make new discoveries for years before they get tired of it.

It is made of durable plastic and comes with great décor that it is easy to assemble. It takes less than fifteen minutes to assemble the whole house and when complete, represents a real life setting with its layout, lighting, accessories and decor.

The design is really well thought out as it offers several storage spaces for accessories and packs it all away easily. There is also a nice colletion of additional accessories that you can add to this wonderful home to increase the stories and fun your child will have with it.


No matter how good a product is, it always has its cons. But the pros should outweigh the cons in totality. The biggest con is that it does not come with a lot of useful accessories like the toys and batteries. Buying these accessories separately means more money.

For now, the product can only be shipped to some selected countries. This will be improved upon with time. It is quite difficult for kids to figure out the hidden room without the help of an adult.

Final Thoughts on the Fisher Price Dollhouse

Since it is obvious that its pros far outweigh its cons, we highly recommend this doll house. It has the build quality that you expect from other Fisher Price dollhouses. It is a ton of fun, full of cute features and very good value for your money. If you toddler is interested in dolls at your they will definitely love it.

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