6 Magical Frozen Doll House Castles for Every Elsa Fan


Frozen is easily one of Disney’s most popular films, and you can’t step into a toy store without seeing its beloved characters plastered onto nearly every product. Every little girl wants to be like Elsa, and with her very own Frozen doll house, she can be.

But it’s easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for a castle. There are so many options. How do you know which one to choose? We’ve rounded up the five best dollhouses, so you can find the perfect playset for your child.

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1. KidKraft Frozen Snowflake Mansion Dollhouse

KidKraft Disney Snowflake Mansion DollhouseWe love KidKraft toys, and the Frozen snowflake mansion is truly a work of art. With 20 pieces of furniture, light-up features and plenty of space for full-size fashion dolls, this is a doll house that will delight kids of all ages. This is another large dollhouse (56.6” tall), and it’s extremely well-made.

Included with this snowy palace is three floors with nine rooms. There’s also an additional two rooms above the third floor that aren’t quite large enough for fashion dolls. The floors are connected by two gorgeous, icy staircases.

The great thing about this house is that all of the rooms are open. Kids can choose to make them whatever they want. If you want to put the bedroom on the first floor you can. If you want to transform the second floor into the dining area – that’s no problem, too. Each room features a richly detailed backdrop, too.

Included with the palace is: a table, two chairs, a cake, a fountain, a bench, a piano and stool, light-up vanity and stool, standing mirror, bed, nightstand, snowflake sculpture, armoire, icy throne, couch, coffee table and light-up standing lamp. At the top of the palace is a chandelier that lights up with the push of a button. KidKraft also includes an Olaf figurine with a sturdy plastic base.

Standing at nearly five feet tall and with 20 included accessories, the KidKraft Snowflake Mansion is truly one of the most magnificent Frozen palaces you can buy.

If your child is a fan of the movie, she’s sure to love any one of these castles. While we tend to favor the Snowflake Mansion, all of these castles are sturdy, durable and offer plenty of space for kids to bring their favorite film scenes to life. You can see our full review of this wonderful dollhouse here.

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2. KidKraft Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse

Disney Ice Castle DollhouseJust like the Snowflake Mansion is another great doll’s house from KidKraft. It is a bit smaller than the Snowflake, but still has three gorgeous floors and plenty of room for Elsa and her friends to explore.

It is a perfect home for 12″ dolls and comes with 11 cute pieces of furniture. There are 5 rooms available and a beautiful staircase that climbs up to the second floor of the castle.

One of the things that really stands out is the beautiful artwork on the walls giving it that magical touch.

On the top floor you’ll find the throne room with its glittering railing and snowflake chandelier. This dollhouse is full of cute features that your child is sure to love. You can see our full review of this dollhouse here.

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3. Teamson’s Ice Mansion Frozen DollHouse

Teamson Design Ice Mansion DollhouseLooking for a replica of the Frozen Elsa castle? The Ice Mansion doll house fits the bill. Made by Teamson Design Corp, this sturdy dollhouse is made of durable wood and features three levels with two full-size staircases. This is a rather large dollhouse at 40.1”, but it comes with everything your child needs to start playing right away.

Included with this princess castle  set is seven pieces of furniture: a table, two chairs, a bed, an armchair, a water fountain and a snowman figurine. There are three floors and three rooms in total: bedroom (1st floor), dining room (2nd floor) and balcony (3rd floor). A single staircase connects the first and second floor, while a set of winding stairs connects the second floor to the balcony.

The top balcony is the perfect spot for dolls to enjoy some time with the snowman to play in the included fountain.

The castle features bright turquoise, blue and white colors to really complete the icy, chilly theme of this playset. The tall floors allow enough room for full-size fashion dolls to be played with, and there’s plenty of room for more than one child to play at a time.

With a sturdy wood construction, generous size and plenty of accessories, the Ice Mansion dollhouse is a great choice for any young fan. You can see our full review of this dollhouse here.

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4. Frozen Doll House – Elsa and Magical Lights Palace

Disney Frozen Small Esla CastleAlthough it’s smaller in size, Mattel’s Elsa and Magical Light Palace is so much fun to play with. This miniature Frozen princess castle opens up to reveal three sides. With lights and movable parts, kids will be able to re-enact their favorite scenes from the movie.

On the left side of the palace is Elsa’s bedroom, complete with a purple bed. A convenient set of icy blue stairs helps Elsa reach the center room, which features a mirrored vanity and icy throne. To the left is a movable elevator that lets Olaf join in on the fun.

In the center of the palace, there’s a spot for Elsa to stand underneath a glowing tunnel of light. A button on the front of the castle activates the light features, which also extend out into the outside of the palace. The sides of the castle can be lifted or lowered, too.

Unlike other castles, this one actually comes with an Elsa and an Olaf figurine.

The light-up features and movable parts of this castle make it a great choice for any child who’s a fan of the movie.

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5. Disney Frozen Ice Palace Playset

Disney Frozen Elsa's Ice Palace PlaysetElsa’s Ice Palace playset is one of the biggest dollhouses on our list at 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide. For kids who are huge fans of the movie, this playset is a dream come true. With movable parts and light-up features, this palace comes to life during playtime.

The design of the castle is simple, but it’s the little extra features that make this playset worth buying.

On the first floor, there’s plenty of space to fit Elsa’s bed and throne. Off to the right is a shelf that’s perfect for storing the princess’s accessories.
The stairway leads up to the second floor where Elsa’s vanity is.

The neat thing about this castle is that it has so many magical elements. There’s a crank on the first floor that actually raises the palace – just like the real castle from the movie. With each crank, the LED lights in the center of the palace floor glow just like when Elsa is singing her famous song “Let it Go”. When dolls press on the first stair, they flip the staircase, transforming snow into stairs. At the same time, the stairs also drop the icicle chandelier to make the castle a home.

The palace comes with accessories, too, including a: bed, vanity, chair, throne, scepter, coronation globe, vanity piece cunt, hair brush and dining piece count.

The Frozen Ice Palace playset from Mattel is truly one of the best and most magical castles you can buy.

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6. Disney Frozen Castle Playset

Disney Frozen CastleIf you’re looking for a dollhouse that lets your child enjoy the best of both worlds (Anna’s and Elsa’s palaces), the Disney Castle Playset is the perfect choice.

This charming dollhouse opens up to reveal two palaces. The left side is Princess Anna’s warm and inviting castle, while the right side is Princess Elsa’s ice palace.

Over on Anna’s side, there’s a cozy couch, a kitchen and a vanity for the princess to freshen up. Warm, inviting hues of purple and pink cover the walls.

A clever divider helps separate the two living spaces.

True to the castle in the film, Princess Elsa’s palace is bright white with blue and purple accent colors. On the bottom floor is Elsa’s bedroom – complete with a comfortable bed and a blanket. Dolls can climb the stairway to reach her icy throne.

Did we mention there’s a fun slide for Olaf to play on? Olaf the snowman is also included along with a ton of accessories.

If your child loves both Anna and Elsa, this is the perfect doll house for her. You can see your full review of this dollhouse here.

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