KidKraft Chelsea Dollhouse Review: Tons of Furniture and 3 Story Fun


Affordable, fun and the perfect gift for any child. The KidKraft Chelsea Dollhouse comes with everything you need: 17 pieces of furniture in total, a beautiful window design that actually allows the windows to open wide, and the ability to house mini dolls up to 4” in height. It is one of the best dollhouses for smaller dolls we have seen.

The Chelsea Dollhouse spans three levels and is large enough for multiple kids to play at one time. It’s the perfect entry-level dollhouse – and it’s an Amazon best-seller.

KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage 65054 Features

  • 17-piece design
  • 3 story home
  • Two staircases
  • Windows that open and close
  • Large size perfect for multiple kids
  • 4-inch mini dolls fit in the home perfectly

Chelsea Dollhouse – Three Levels of Fun

Three levels of fun is what the Chelsea has to offer. The first floor offers the classic red front door entrance that leads into the living room. The door is fully functional and swings open, allowing dolls to enter the home just as their human counterparts do.

Walking through the door, you’re greeted with a beautiful living room that offers a white grand piano and beautiful flooring.

You can setup the room any way that you see fit.

Continuing on the bottom floor, you’ll walk from the living room right into the kitchen area. KidKraft has included all of the furniture you could want to decorate your home, with the kitchen pieces including:

  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Cabinets

You’ll find that the interior wallpaper has a classic blue refrigerator and a pink cabinet built into the wall with a pot and tea kettle sitting atop the stove. This is a beautiful country kitchen that boasts the latest and greatest in kitchenware.

A flight of stairs brings all inhabitants to the second story, but be careful: there are no handrails.

The bathroom is the first room you’ll enter on the second floor with a green vanity, and a white and green-trimmed tub. There are French windows that open up in the room as well as a white toilet that is part of the wall.

A more traditional living room is the next room you’ll enter, but you can place a bed in the room and make it your own. The back of the room has a fireplace, and there is a spacious closet behind the stairs.

The third story contains a bedroom area with a beautiful open window on the top. There are two skylights that let sun into the room, and off of the room is a balcony where dolls can sit and relax.

It’s the perfect oasis for any doll to live in.

All of the windows open outward to let sun and a fresh breeze into the dollhouse, and they have red trim. The exterior of the home is a light blue with a brick pattern to provide a rich look. The roof is pink with an ornate, darker pink trim that is perfect to spark the imagination of any girl.

Assembly and Size

Just like other KidKraft dollhouses, assembly is fast and simple, and it takes most users just 30 minutes to put together. There are no specialized tools needed for assembly either. The house is very sturdy and won’t easily fall apart.

In total, the dollhouse is 29” tall by 24” wide. The depth of the home is misleading in pictures and is actually 13” deep – perfect for furniture and dolls.

Beautifully Crafted Furniture

While the dollhouse offers a beautiful design option on the box, you’re free to redecorate the home to your needs.

First, the furniture is not glued, so you can arrange the home any way that you see fit.

High quality and durable, all of the furniture is wooden and is individually painted.

You’ll receive a total of 17 pieces with the KidKraft dollhouse, including:

  • Piano
  • Piano chair
  • Two chairs for the kitchen
  • Kitchen table
  • Bunk beds
  • Couch
  • Couch lamp
  • Tub
  • Vanity
  • Bean bag chair
  • Footrest
  • Outside umbrella
  • Room vanity

Two sets of stairs also come with the house, but there are no rails included.

Doll Size Discussion

The manufacturer states that this home is meant for mini dolls that are just 4” in height. I have found that you can place dolls up to 5” in the house without an issue. You will not be able to fit a larger sized doll, such as a Barbie, inside of the house.

All mini dolls will work fine.

You can also place other pieces of furniture inside of the home without any issue. It’s the perfect little abode, and it has all of the extras for your child to get started playing as soon as the house is assembled.

Remember: No dolls are included, so if you’re buying this house as a gift, make sure that you also buy mini dolls to fill the home with a bit of life.

If he or she does have dolls, make sure that they’re 5” in height at the maximum to fit properly in the house.

KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage

  • Comes with 17 furniture pieces
  • Operational windows and doors
  • Very affordable
  • All furniture, aside from stairs, is made from wood
  • Aesthetically pleasing exterior


  • Stairs are made of plastic
  • Sticker sheet used for the design

The chairs (and to some extent, the furniture) aren’t the highest quality. This isn’t much of a concern as all of these items will last years, but wooden stairs would have been the better choice for the design.

All of the beautiful interior and exterior is made from sticker sheet, so it can peel off if handled roughly.

For the price, it’s a bargain of a dollhouse that will last for years. This isn’t a high-end model that can be passed down for generations, but the KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage can be passed down to siblings, and it’s big enough to be used by multiple children at once.

The three-floor design allows for each doll to have his or her own space, while the third floor balcony allows for a beautiful outside view.

Doors and windows that function properly are a huge bonus and something that most dollhouses don’t offer. Aside from the stairs being plastic, this dollhouse is near perfect and will provide him or her with hours of endless fun.

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