KidKraft Elegant Manor Dollhouse Review – Perfect 18″ Doll’s House

KidKraft 18" Elegant Manor dollhouse

The KidKraft Elegant Manor is one of the biggest and best doll’s house we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing, and it’s one of those toys that will grow with your child. While it’s a little pricier than other dollhouses, it’s one that your kids can, theoretically, play with all throughout their childhoods. In fact, I might even say that this house is too tall for kids.

Standing at 5’4”, calling the Elegant Manor a big dollhouse is an understatement.

Size aside, you may be wondering whether this dollhouse is worth the investment, and if kids will enjoying playing with. We’ll share our experience in this detailed review.

KidKraft Elegant Manor Features

  • Accommodates dolls up to 18”
  • Comes with 12 pieces of jumbo furniture
  • Features two spiral staircases
  • 4 rooms with colorful artwork in each
  • Three floors and a balcony

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KidKraft is a brand that we know and trust, so it was no surprise that this 18” dollhouse was well-built and highly durable. The Elegant Manor has a lot to offer that both parents and kids will enjoy, including:

Four Unique Rooms on Three Floors

Elegant Manor room

The KidKraft Elegant doll manor features four unique rooms on three different floors. Two alternating spiral staircase make it easy for dolls to access each level.

On the bottom level, you’ll find the kitchen and the bathroom. The kitchen features a table and two chairs as well as an adorable, colorful cake. In the bathroom, a glamorous purple toilet awaits.

On the right-hand side is the first spiral staircase that leads to the second floor. Only one room is featured on this floor: the living room. A pink couch, coffee table, TV and TV stand are included. On the back wall, a colorful fireplace and two picture windows help make the room a little cozier.

To the left of the living room is the final staircase that leads to the top floor. The bedroom can be found on the third floor with a bright aqua bed and nightstand. Off of the bedroom is a balcony and a movable outdoor plant.

All rooms feature colorful background art to bring the rooms to life. Even the exterior of the home features finely detailed artwork, like vine-covered trellises, outdoor lights and pink-color brick.

Plenty of Space to Play

There’s no doubt about it: the KidKraft Elegant 18 doll manor offers plenty of space to play. Standing tall at 5’4”, this dollhouse is taller than some adults. This means that multiple kids can play at once without having to fight to share space. It also means that kids have lots of room to let their imaginations soar, and really use the rooms to their full potential.

A Dollhouse for 18-Inch Dolls

There are plenty of dollhouses out there that accommodate figurines and Barbie dolls, but what about bigger dolls? Kids really have no place to play with these dolls.

The KidKraft Elegant Dollhouse is one of the only dollhouses out there that can accommodate 18” dolls.
If you’re looking for a dollhouse for American Girl Dolls, this is it!

Not only are the rooms big enough to fit larger dolls, but the furniture pieces are, too. This means that your child’s dolls can actually lay on the bed, or sit in the chair without flopping over.

12 Pieces of Jumbo Furniture

KidKraft doesn’t leave parents hanging by shipping out an empty dollhouse. Included with the Elegant Manor is 12 pieces of jumbo furniture, so kids have everything they need to start playing right away. As a parent, you’ll be happy to find out that you won’t have to run out and spend more money on extra pieces of furniture just to equip your new dollhouse.

Elegant Manor doll's house review

The Elegant Manor comes with the follow furniture:

  • Two chairs
  • A dining table
  • Couch
  • Coffee table
  • TV stand w/TV
  • Bed
  • Nightstand
  • Lamp
  • Cake
  • Toilet
  • Plant

The bed comes with linens, and the couch comes with a cushion for added realism. All of the furniture pieces come in bright, fun colors and are made of wood.

Durable and Easy to Assemble

With a dollhouse this large, assembly is probably one of your primary concerns. Surprisingly, the Elegant Manor is easy to assemble. You won’t even need an extra pair of hands – although they could be helpful. All screws are color-coded and each part is clearly labeled for quick, easy assembly.

While it may be easy to put this dollhouse together, it will still take you quite a bit of time. Expect to spend at least two hours setting up the Elegant Manor.

Once assembled, you’ll notice that this dollhouse is incredibly sturdy. With a solid wood construction, the Elegant Manor will provide your kids with years of playtime. And because of its large size, it can easily offer endless hours of fun all throughout your kid’s childhood.


  • Jumbo-sized dollhouse
  • Accommodates dolls up to 18” tall – including American Girl dolls
  • Colorful details add interest and brings rooms to life
  • Multiple kids can play at once
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made from durable wood


  • May be too tall for some children

Aside from this minor issue, the KidKraft Elegant Manor is one of the most impressive dollhouses we’ve ever seen. It’s incredibly large, and provides plenty of space for kids to play with full-size dolls. It’s one of the only dollhouses capable of fitting American Girl Dolls, and it’s incredibly well-made. With a wood construction and included wood furniture, the Elegant Manor will be providing your kids with plenty of hours of fun for years to come.

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