Best Wooden Dollhouse in 2019 – Hape All Seasons Dollhouse

Hape All Season Dollhouse

As a parent, you want the best for your kids, and you do everything you can to keep them safe. When it comes to toys, wooden dollhouses are often a safer choice than plastic, but many parents are also concerned about the environmental impact of wooden toys. Hape Toys allows parents to enjoy the best of both worlds by offering a wooden dollhouse with materials derived from FSC managed forests.

The Hape All Season dollhouse is all about “going green,” and gives kids the flexibility to play however they want.

Hape Dollhouse Features

  • Wooden construction: Maple, Baltic Birch and Rubberwood
  • All materials derive from FSC managed forests
  • Non-toxic finishing
  • Made with child safe materials
  • Four room sets included: Family Bathroom, Master Bedroom, Kitchen, and Media Room
  • Designed for kids aged 3-8
  • Illustrated assembly instructions included

Review of the Hape All Seasons House – Furnished

From the moment you unpack this dollhouse, you’ll notice one thing: its environmentally-focused design. Similar to the ones made by Plan Toys, they come with earthy tones and a roof that changes with the seasons, kids will love playing with this dollhouse all year long.

Four Room Sets

The All Season dollhouse comes with four room sets: Master Bedroom, Family Bathroom, Media Room and Kitchen. The Master Bedroom features a bed (complete with linens), armoire, nightstand with mirror, a stool, throw rug and standing lamp.

The Family Bathroom features bright blue and earthy wood tones. A stand-up shower, bathtub, sink and toilet are included as well as a rubber ducky and a mini towel.

The Kitchen comes with everything kids need to bring their imaginary culinary creations to life. Each kitchen set comes with a stove (complete with two pots), sink and countertop (with towel and standing mixer), and a refrigerator.

The Media Room features a wooden fireplace, coffee table with rug, chair, sofa, television, standing lamp and an adorable houseplant.

Hape has included just about all the furniture your child will need to enjoy hours of playtime. All furniture pieces are made of wood and feature child-friendly paint. Linens are included with the beds, and all doors – from the armoire to the cabinets – are fully functional.

If that’s not enough you can also find many more fantastic Hape dollhouse furniture sets online.

Flexible Design

With the All Season dollhouse, kids have the freedom to choose how they want to play. There are six rooms total, and each room can be used however the child wants.

Most rooms feature a picture window, so kids can play from either side of the house. The stairs are movable, too, which allows kids to lay out the room however they please.

Environmentally-Focused Design

Just about every aspect of this dollhouse was designed to promote an environmentally-conscious lifestyle. The roof features solar panels and painted green leaves. Three bright green bushes are painted right on the front exterior, too. The solid wood features and earthy colors tie the look together.

The dollhouse itself is made from eco-friendly materials, including Maple, Rubberwood and Baltic Birch derived from FSC managed forests.

On top of all this, child-friendly paint is used. As parents, we know how concerning paint can be on wooden toys, but Hape ensures that all of their toys feature paint that’s lead-free and safe for children.

Hape allows you to find peace of mind in knowing that your kids can play with safe toys – without harming the environment in the process.

A House for All Seasons

One of the fun things about this Hape dollhouse is that kids can change it to match the seasons. During the spring, summer and fall, the roof can stay green with solar panels and painted green leaves. In the winter, the roof can be flipped over to display a snow-covered rooftop.

While this may be a small feature, it’s one that really helps kids use their imaginations. As the seasons change in real life, the seasons change in their lives of their imaginary friends.

Hape dollhouse for boys and girls
Easy Assembly

Some wooden dollhouses are a nightmare to put together, but the All Season doll’s house is incredibly easy to assemble.

Hape includes illustrated instructions that make it even easier. Altogether, it takes about 10 minutes to completely assemble this dollhouse.

If you’ve put together other dollhouses in the past, you’ll appreciate how simple the All Seasons house is.

Numerous Accessories Available

Hape includes furniture to help you get started, but you can purchase wooden families to live inside the home as well as other accessories. Some of the accessories include: a home gym, the family car, baby’s room, children’s room, playground, patio set, and a dining room.

When doing your research you may also come across this same dollhouse without the furniture. We highly recommend you purchase the model that comes fully furnished. They are really well made and super cute. For the extra $20 or so you won’t be able to replace the accessories that come with the furnished set.

Should I Buy The Hape All Season Dollhouse?

If you’re looking for dollhouse that can grow with your child, the Hape All Season Dollhouse is a great choice. Made from durable, eco-friendly wood, this is a toy that will last for years, and provide your child with hours of enjoyment. Easy assembly, a flexible design and a rooftop that changes with the seasons, the All Season Dollhouse is a smart buy for any child.

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