KidKraft Uptown Dollhouse Review – Perfect for All Ages

KidKraft Uptown Dollhouse 65833

The KidKraft Uptown dollhouse gives dolls the chance to live a life of luxury. With colorful artwork, sleek furniture and a wood construction, this is a dollhouse that kids will love playing with for years to come.

We had the chance to take this dollhouse for a test drive, and we (or should we say our little ones) loved every minute of play.

Continue below to see why thins is one of our favorite KidKraft dollhouses.

Uptown Dollhouse Features

  • 35 accessories included
  • Light and sound features
  • Swimming pool included
  • 3 floors; 6 rooms
  • Colorful artwork
  • Wooden dollhouse
  • 2” x 25.1” x 61”

Our Review of the KidKraft Uptown Dollhouse 65833

The Uptown dollhouse has a design that we really love. Many other KidKraft dollhouses, like the Majestic Mansion or Kayla Dollhouse, are simple rectangular homes, but the Uptown model is split into two areas and separated by a winding staircase leading from the comfortable balcony on the third floor.

Dozens of accessories are included, and the home features both noise and light features that really add life to the dollhouse.

3 Floors, 6 Rooms

kidkraft uptown dollhouse images

The Uptown home features three floors and six complete rooms. Dolls enter through the living room, which features a colorful backdrop with a fireplace, furniture and artwork. On the right side of the home is a gliding elevator to take dolls up to the second floor.

uptown pool

To the left of the living room is the bathroom, which also includes a detailed backdrop that complements the bright yellow colors in the furniture.

If you take the elevator, you’ll walk out into the kitchen, which features bright shades of pink, blue and purple. Out of the kitchen is a small courtyard with a staircase that leads to the balcony.

On the other side is a sunken office with a ceiling fan, desk, chair and colorful art on the walls.

Up the stairs and onto the balcony, you’ll find a table and a set of chairs as well as an umbrella to keep dolls cool in the summer.

The bedroom is situated on the third floor, and features bright colors of pink, green, blue and purple.

And back on the bottom floor is a complete backyard with a pool, grill, table, lounge chair and towel.

35 Accessories Included

So many dollhouses come with very few pieces of furniture or none at all. KidKraft homes always come with furniture, and the Uptown home comes with 35 pieces.

These accessories include:

  • Lounge chair
  • Side table
  • Standing lamp
  • Sofa
  • Piano
  • Grill
  • Potted plant
  • Toilet and bathtub
  • Rug, towel, linens and cushions
  • Kitchen table and chairs
  • Refrigerator
  • Desk, chair and laptop
  • Outdoor patio set
  • Bed, standing mirror, side table and lamp

A cat and pet food bowl are also included, so dolls have a furry companion.

Light and Sound Features

One of the unique things about this dollhouse is that it offers light and sound features. The piano plays music when you press the button, and the toilet makes a flushing noise. Lamps and the outdoor hanging light all illuminate, so kids can really bring the home to life.

All of the doors on the furniture, like the refrigerator, open and close as well as the shutters on the windows.

Accommodates Barbie Dolls

The Uptown dollhouse rooms have high ceilings, so they can easily accommodate Barbie dolls and other 12” dolls. This means that you don’t have to spend more money on extra dolls that are just the right height for the house. Children can use the dolls they already have.

Easy Assembly

Considering the size of this dollhouse, assembly is relatively easy. All of the parts are clearly labeled, and the hardware is color coded, which makes assembly less frustrating and complicated.

While putting the house together is relatively easy, it will take some time. Expect to spend a couple hours assembling the dollhouse.

Some people say that assembly takes 4 hours, but we had this house together in just over 2 hours.


  • Fun, modern design with bright colors
  • Big enough for more than one child to play at a time
  • Furniture and accessories are included
  • Can accommodate Barbie dolls and other 12” dolls
  • Easy assembly
  • Sturdy, solid construction


  • Some pieces may be missing

A handful of buyers said they were missing a piece or two when they received their dollhouse. We had no issues or missing parts, but this type of thing happen with every manufacturer. KidKraft is quick to send out replacement parts, so you’ll have your dollhouse up and running in no time.

The KidKraft Uptown dollhouse is truly luxury living for dolls. It’s big enough for multiple kids to play at once, and there are plenty of accessories to furnish the home without buying anything extra. Plus, the added noise and light features are really a nice bonus and bring the home to life.

If you’re looking for a durable, sturdy and stylish dollhouse that’s larger than life, the Uptown dollhouse is an excellent choice.

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