The Perfect Barbie Glam Pool for Summer 2016 – Top 3 Compared


You got the Barbie Dream House. You got the Barbie Corvette. But you’re missing one important thing: the Barbie Glam Pool.

As summer heats up, Barbie needs a place to cool off with her friends. And she needs a pool that will match her Dream Home.

We’ve seen quite a few glam pools on store shelves, but only three passed our quality and fun tests. Learn more about our experiences in our detailed reviews below.

Barbie Swimming Pool

Barbie poolJust the right size for Barbie, and affordably priced. This Barbie pool comes in a translucent blue color, and features a pink slide that lets your dolls make a splash.

What we really liked about this pool is that there aren’t too many separate parts. There are two lounge chairs, and they conveniently attach to the side of the pool. This way, dolls can sit down and soak their feet in the water – and moms don’t have to worry about kids making a mess.

A trellis and palm tree also attach to the pool, and there are two slots for drinks. Hanging above the lounge chairs is a pretty blue chandelier to add glam to the pool.

Assembly is required, but it will only take you about five minutes to put it together.

We love this pool because it’s made of sturdy plastic. If your kids are rough with their toys (like ours are), this one can endure their abuse.

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Purple and Pink Glam Pool

Barbie glam poolThe purple and pink version of the Barbie Glam Pool features a fun design and is available at a great price.

The side of the pool features bright swirls of pink, purple and blue with purple columns along the edges and a hot pink edge. It’s colorful, fun and inviting.

Along with the pool, you’ll also get a ladder, an umbrella that moves two tropical drinks for Barbie to enjoy some refreshment.

The bottom of the pool is made of a vinyl material, and while it’s durable, it’s not quite as sturdy as the previous Barbie pool.

We love the bright colors of this pool, and it’s incredibly easy to put together. It’s also incredibly durable, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart. We also liked that you can simply snap off the umbrella and slide anytime you want to change things up a bit.

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Beach House Glam Pool

If you have a slightly larger budget, the Beach House Glam pool makes a great addition to your Barbie house.

Barbie swimming poolThis swimming pool for Barbie features a fun yellow, pink and blue star design. Two pink lounge chairs attach to the side of the pool, and two convenient cup holders are built into the arms of the chairs. A slide and palm tree complete the experience to create a cool beach vibe. Two tropical drinks and a beach ball are also included.

Like other Glam pools, this one requires some assembly, but it’s a relatively quick and easy process.

The bottom of the pool is made of vinyl, so while it’s durable, you do have to be careful where you play with it.

The slide looks too narrow for Barbie, but once you have it put together, you’ll see that she has quite a bit of wiggle room to move around. This means that you can actually let Barbie slide down the slide and into the pool.

The only real complaint we had with this pool was the price. It’s a bit more expensive than other Glam Pools, but then again, it does come with more accessories.

All in all, this pool makes a great addition to the Vacation Beach House – or just as a fun separate accessory to play with outside or by the pool.

Click here to learn more about the Beach House Barbie Glam Pool.

All of these Barbie Glam pool sets are a fun way for kids to play with their dolls outside. Just fill them up with water, and let their imagination run wild. All three of these pools are durable, affordable, feature fun designs, and come with great accessories. Your kids won’t be disappointed, and you’ll be happy knowing their new toy won’t break overnight.