KidKraft Sparkle Mansion Review – 4 Floors of Glamour


The KidKraft Sparkle Mansion dollhouse is a little bit different from other dollhouses we’ve reviewed. Most KidKraft houses are traditional in style, but the Sparkle Mansion is modern, sleek and absolutely glamorous. With four floors, a complete backyard and a gliding elevator, this home is a dream for any child.

KidKraft Sparkle Mansion Dollhouse 65826 Features

  • 30 pieces of furniture included
  • Accommodates dolls up to 12” in height
  • 4 floors
  • Gliding elevator
  • Complete backyard with grill and swimming pool
  • 49.4” x 25.7” x 53.3”

Our KidKraft Sparkle Mansion Review

KidKraft Sparkle Mansion
KidKraft Sparkle Mansion

The Sparkle Mansion has four complete floors, a garage with two doors, a full backyard and even a balcony. Sparkles adorn the edge of the roof, and complement the pink, black and silver color scheme.

Like any other KidKraft dollhouse, the Sparkle Mansion does require assembly. It’s quite large with a height of 54.5” and a length of 50.75”.

There’s plenty of room for more than one child to play at once. Assembly is relatively easy and straightforward, and all pieces are labeled nicely, which makes the job easier.

4 Floors, 6 Rooms

With four floors and six rooms, there’s plenty of places for dolls to roam and relax. The ceilings are high enough to accommodate 12” dolls.

On the first floor is the kitchen and laundry room. There are two doors on the right that lead to the garage, and these doors open and close to make the experience more realistic.

A gliding elevator on the left side of the home helps dolls get from one floor to the next in style. Once dolls leave the elevator, they can unwind in the living room. A sofa and piano are here to keep you entertained.

To the right of the living room is the sparkling bathroom. The backdrop features a large mirror with a detailed frame and hanging towels for added comfort. On the second floor, a winding silver staircase brings you up to the bedroom.
The pink and white bedroom is truly fit for a princess. A bed sits in the corner with real linens. A pink lamp sits on a pink nightstand, and a full-size pink mirror stands on the other side of the room. Along the backdrop of the room, you’ll find a pink guitar, lounge chair, makeup station and a radio with hearts for speakers. Hanging on the wall is a photo of ballerina slippers.

Off the bedroom is a balcony, and off the kitchen, you’ll find a sparkling pool, lounge chair and grill for outdoor parties.

On the very top floor is another lounge area with a TV, chair, plant and a furry cat.

The rooms and the backdrops on the walls of each room feature exquisite detail, which really brings this home to life.

30 Pieces of Furniture

True to KidKraft’s name, 30 pieces of high quality furniture are included with this dollhouse. You get everything you need to furnish the home, including:

  • TV
  • Bed, nightstand and mirror
  • 2 x Lamps
  • Potted plant
  • Chair and coffee table
  • Piano
  • Sofa
  • Kitchen table and 2 chairs
  • Refrigerator
  • Ironing board
  • Kitchen island with sink
  • Lounge chair
  • Grill
  • Bathtub
  • Toilet
  • Sink

Kids are free to put the furniture wherever they want. The sofa, bed and chair all have real cushions and linens, so dolls are always comfortable.

Sturdy and Durable

Like other KidKraft homes, the Sparkle Mansion is big. The home is 4’5” tall, which means it will grow with your child. And it’s wide enough for more than one child to play at one time. But what’s most important is the quality of the materials used to build the home.

KidKraft doesn’t disappoint here either. The home is made with MDF, plastic, wood and fabric. Like other dollhouses from the brand, the Sparkle Mansion is sturdy, durable and is sure to provide your child with years of enjoyment.

Easy Assembly

KidKraft includes all of the parts and hardware you need to put this dollhouse together. Screws, nuts and bolts are color coded to match their respective location.

While assembly was straightforward, it did take some time to put together. Expect to spend about two hours assembling this dollhouse. If you have an extra pair of hands, the process may go more quickly.


  • Big enough for more than one child to play at the same time
  • Modern design with detailed backdrops on the walls
  • Plenty of high quality furniture included
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Includes a backyard with a pool, grill and lounge chair


  • Pieces may be missing

While we didn’t experience this personally, other users have said that their dollhouse arrived without a few important pieces. It seems that this was an isolated issue that had to do with a bad batch, but KidKraft sent out replacement parts immediately.

KidKraft’s Sparkle Mansion is a modern take on the traditional dollhouse, and it offers plenty of space for your children to play. Dolls up to 12” tall can live in the home, and KidKraft includes plenty of furniture to bring the home to life.

Just be sure to check the parts before you start putting the house together. If any are missing, KidKraft will send out a replacement immediately. This type of issue is common with dollhouse manufacturers, but you can find peace of mind in knowing that you will receive a replacement part right away.

We highly recommend this dollhouse to any family looking for a reliable and durable play home for their children.

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